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Over the years, there have been many individuals who have contributed to the growth and development of the California Supported Living Network. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for their time and dedication to CSLN.

The Board of Directors is a collection of professionals who are committed to the values and ideals of Supported Living.  We are comprised of leaders involved in SLS and ILS service provision throughout the State of California.  We have a commitment to look beyond our own agency and to the challenges and opportunities of community living throughout the State.

As a 501c(6), we act as the organization’s Board of Directors.  Our team is entrusted with the important and ever evolving duty of shaping the direction and agenda of the California Supported Living Network.  As a statewide leader in the community living arena, we take this task very seriously. We meet at least six times a year at different locations throughout the state. We have the following committees:

      • Governmental Affairs
      • Independent Living Services
      • Training
      • Conference
      • Membership

In this time, it is imperative that we look beyond ourselves and preserve the Five Principles of Community Living. We are always looking for people dedicated to our vision of providing leadership, training, advocacy and upholding the Principles for the State of California.  We are currently recruiting Board Members who meet the following criteria:

      • A Board Member associated with an agency providing ILS Services
      • A Board Member who receives SLS Services
      • A Board member associated with an agency providing services in the greater Los Angeles area
To apply to be a member of the CSLN Board of Directors contact Mark Melanson, President at mmelanson@toolworks.org


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Kristoffel van de Burgt, Membership Chair

Beth Gallagher, Training Co-Chair

Mark Melanson, Conference Coordinator

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Rebecca LaBoriel, Secretary 

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